We Finally Registered!!

Now you can go spend money on us!!

les’ Style: The gifts here are going to be asymmetrical, atypical and interconnected just like us, our wedding and our lives so there isn’t really an wrong thing to get period as a rule, but especially if it’s off one of our registries. As unique as the item may be on a wedding registry if it’s on the list it’s going to be useful to us as a washer, drier or toaster. As just one example: a seemingly regular convection oven. Yes it’ll cook nicely, but we also need it to set the ink (cook) the sublimation printed ceramic cups and mugs for Geekdom Wear. In an opposite example: China dishware. We don’t need it. At all. Jonelle already has her Great Aunt’s set and my dad was one of the top ten sales men (complete with a sales team under him) selling china for his company in the entire US in the late 50s (so much so that the company gave him cars as rewards) so I have like two and a half sets of the china he sold. Thus with having X and not Y combined with getting married later in life you’ll see seemingly odd gaps and unusual items. If it’s on a list we promise it fills a gap that you can help out with that would help us get started in being married and starting a life together. Another reason that some of the stuff that is on our registries looks unique is that we’ve sunk all our extra money into Geekdom Wear for the last few years and not bought things like Blue Ray players or DVDs because we were buying shirts or equipment, thus some of the more “regular” or seemingly extra stuff is a great way to help catch up. I make mention of this specifically because any of the online places to buy stuff is the first place where just threw stuff into a wish list in lieu of buying Geekdom Wear or work related stuff and thus in some ways the best first place to shop for us. On the other end of that spectrum its where we Topher put the work or illustrated really awesome fun stuff that he never got to buying for the affor mentioned reasons.


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  1. Annie Krug says:

    Hi, guys! I was having a little difficulty RSVP’ing, so I am probably doing this wrong. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to the wedding, but Stephen and I look forward to seeing you both at the Northern CA reception. Have a WONDERFUL wedding day! We will see you on the 22nd! Love to you both, Annie

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